33kv Tie Top F Neck Composite Line Post Insulator

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  • shorter column heights while maintaining IEC 60815 requirements and fulfilling all additional electrical requirements
  • improved flashover distance
  • better pollution performance via improved Form Factor acc. to IEC 60815
  • reduced weight, better material utilization, optimized logistics
  • Decreased metal usage (fewer points of exposure to corrosion)
  • less field concentrating positions
  • improved mechanical stability, rigidity and robustness

Post insulator is a type of high voltage (HV) insulator designed according to IEC, ANSI, and other standards, they are used in power systems up to 1100 kV.

The post insulator is made of one piece of porcelain or composite material (silicone rubber). Due to the excellent mechanical properties, the post insulator is widely used in different applications.

In the distribution and transmission line, the post insulator is also named line post insulator.

According to the designs, there are 5 types of line post insulators: tie top line posts, vertical clamp top line posts, horizontal (stud mount) clamp top line posts, horizontal (gain base) line posts, and brace post insulators.

When used as a tie top line post on power lines up to 69 kV, it is fixed to the conductors by a top tie and replaces traditional pin insulators.

There is a clamp unit at the end of the insulator for fixing the other 4 types. Line post insulator supporting conductors can be mounted on the utility pole horizontally as well as vertically.

In substations and related applications, the post insulator is also called a station post insulator. The station post is commonly mounted in a vertical position to protect transformers, switchgear, and other related components. It is subjected to bending and compression forces in service. Two or more insulators can be assembled together for higher voltage applications.

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