• 33kv Tie Top F Neck Composite Line Post Insulator

    The 33kv Tie Top F Neck Composite Line Post Insulator are specially designed for  maximum satisfaction. The insulator both mechanical and electrical performance meet IEC ‘s technical specifications.

    The insulation part use high aluminum porcelain C130 . the porcelain surface covered a layer of hard and shinning glaze , color can be grey , brown .

    ​The thread insert material is cast iron . its function is for adapt ing to long bolt to fix insulator​ on wooden or steel cross arms .

    It uses Portland cement glue thread insert and porcelain parts together. The finish insulator has very good mechanical performance and the quality more reliable .


    Suitable for distribution lines. The insulator can be used as vertical position , the insulator top are porcelain tie top , which suitable for most of conductors.

    Competitive Advantage:

    Ninija Supplies field tested high aluminum porcelain, we offers you insulator core diameter are smaller ,while the mechanical strength are in high level . compare with other supplier’s product , we decrease much the unit weight . it is more suitable for insulator assembly in lines , and make easier maintenance. The porcelain glaze are smooth and shinning , have a very good self-cleaning performance . it is easy for maintenance .

    We can design insulators based on customer’s requirement or special technical specifications.

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