• AliMed® Antimicrobial-Treated Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Kit


    AliMed® Antimicrobial-Treated Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit painlessly positions the fingers away from the palm to protect the skin from excessive moisture, pressure, and the risk of nail puncture injuries while helping to prevent bacteria build up and unpleasant odors. The soft cotton covering is permanently infused with silver ion that inhibits the growth and replication of bacteria, mold, yeast, and other fungi that cause odor, staining, and discoloration. Filled with highly conforming and resilient tiny plastic microspheres that won’t increase spasticity—effective even for significantly distorted hands. Graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document patient’s progress. Hand-wash in cold water and let air-dry.

    How it works: Secure the included “Magic Wand” to the loop at the end of the Carrot and gently pull wand through contracted hand to draw Carrot into place.

    One size: 9″L, 5-1/2″ maximum circumference

    AliMed® Antimicrobial-Treated Blue Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit contains:
    2 Antimicrobial-Treated Blue Carrots
    2 “Magic Wands”
    1 laundry marker to track progression
    1 instruction manual

    Patent #5,882,280

    Not for use or sale in the EU.

    The AliMed Carrot Story
    Developed more than 20 years ago, the AliMed Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis with its tapered shape and unique “Magic Wand” is an innovative device that offers painless positioning of severely contracted hands for better patient comfort and easier caregiving. Unlike traditional orthotic devices that require forceful application to pry hands open, the Carrot is designed to be gently inserted into the hand and drawn into place with the use of a plastic wand without causing discomfort. This gives caregivers easier access to the hand for better hygiene and reduced infection risk while graduated markings on the cover accurately measure and document your patient’s progress.

    More AliMed Therapy Carrots
    • Original Therapy Carrot™ (#51024)—Available in two sizes to treat moderate-to-severe contractures
    • Inflatable Carrot™ Kit (#51598)—Ideal for the most severe hand contractures
    • Hand Contracture Orthosis and Hygiene Kit (#52308)—Easily clean contracted hands

  • AliMed® Deluxe Functional Position Splint


    AliMed® Deluxe Functional Position Splint Classic hand positioning for post-stroke patients – thumb in full opposition, wrist in 30° dorsiflexion, and MP joints at approximately 80°. Made of adjustable thermoplastic. Choose the traditional splint with strap kit included, or select the splint that comes with a comfort-enhancing AliFleece™ Liner. Includes wrist straps that secure in a figure-eight for firm, comfortable hold.

    Suggested code: L3807.

    Sizing: Measure the circumference of the hand at the MP joints.
    X-Small: 5-1/4″ to 6″
    Small: 6-1/2″ to 7-1/4″
    Medium: 7-1/4″ to 8-1/4″
    Large: 8-1/4″ to 9-1/4″

    Specify size and Left or Right.

    What is an AliFleece™ Splint Liner?
    AliFleece looks and feels like sheepskin. It’s soft, comfortable, and wicks away moisture. No more damp skin against plastic—AliFleece helps to maximize patient compliance. Each AliFleece liner is tailored to fit a specific style splint. Padded straps are stitched into the liner, with a hook-and-loop fastener holding the liner and straps firmly in place. Does not contain wool.

  • AliMed® GripRoll


    AliMed® GripRoll Firm foam cylinder padded and upholstered in soft, washable fabric. Retainer strap reduces risk of loss. 7″L x 1-1/2″ diameter. One size. Fits left or right.

  • AliMed® Omni Progressive™ WHT Orthosis


    AliMed® Omni Progressive™ WHT Orthosis With it’s comfortable padded terry liner, high degree of adjustability, and unprecedented ease of use, this WHT orthosis is heads and shoulders above custom splints for managing contractures.

    It’s quick and easy! No heat is required – simply bend to fit. It can be adjusted virtually anywhere – at the bedside, in the clinic, or in the patient’s home. The malleable aluminum splint core is adjustable in all areas: forearm, wrist, fingers, and thumb. It allows you to customize the fit for most any contracture and it can be easily modified to meet the changing needs of the wearer. Adjustable for comfort or as needed as the contracture is reduced (or worsens), while sufficiently strong enough to maintain the patient’s hand or wrist position. Top and bottom is laminated with flexible cloth-covered foam that protects the wearer from any metal edges and providing an absorbent, cushioned resting surface.

    Padded, removable, and washable terry liner ensures that skin integrity is not compromised and protects skin from pressure. Keeps skin cooler and drier than a hard plastic splint. Comfort and skin protection mean better patient compliance, and that means better contracture management! And it’s low-profile splint design helps maintain patient’s dignity.

    The finger portion of the splint is relieved to provide a natural resting trough for each finger, helping to keep fingers appropriately aligned. This finger platform can also be rolled or bent to accommodate any contracture and can be modified for use in progressive splitting.

    The wrist angle may be modified from 75° of flexion to 45° of extension, the thumb piece can be adjusted to accommodate any degree of abduction or flexion – even the forearm cuff can be adjusted to accommodate any size forearm!

    Suggested code: L3807.

    Sizing: Standard fits most Women; Long fits larger Women and most Men.

    Specify Left or Right when ordering.

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