Ninija is an e-commerce marketplace for purchase of office supplies, electrical, automotive spare parts, medical, Agro etc.

What follows is a disclaimer that the lawyers made us write, but one that’s aimed to protect you as much as it does our humble enterprise. So hoist the flags! Cue the fanfare! It’s time to read…

The Ninija Disclaimer:

Watching Out For Your Money…

The Ninija marketplace is designed to help visitors purchase tech materials. This product is sometimes provided by our Mall (Ninija Mall), manufacturers or by importers of those goods all named vendors, which their product has been examined they our product quality team, in turn match tech needs.

You are responsible for your own selection of brand. The Ninija will not be responsible for any standard of the product listing by vendor, we offer you chance to select any product and brand of your choice. The Ninija does not grantee standard of any listing or recommend any one over the other. If you don’t accept this responsibility for yourself, then you should seek for Tech Advice from your technician or our technical service workers (if we are your construction provider)

Our customer services staff are drawn from a wide circle of daily life. Most of them are completely outside the Tech field in their professional lives and are not to be considered professional analysts or product advisors. Any weight you ascribe to their opinions should be based on their ability to analyze a company or its products and services. You should not believe that these people have any additional insight or information about best product over another

Terms of Service Violations

If you have been harassed in any manner that you feel is a violation of our Terms of Service, it is your obligation to notify us of the offending post(s). Please contact [email protected] for that purpose. If you are unfamiliar with Terms and condition, please read them.

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